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No Insurance? Problem!

Prime dental is committed to providing quality and long-lasting dental care at affordable prices. We post all of our fees right here on the website to save you time and to promote our philosophy of  100% transparency.

While other offices are afraid to post their fee schedules online to hide their high fees, we are proud to post our fees to promote the affordability and transparency of our office.

Prices listed apply to new patients to office who do not have insurance, or to patients who have insurance but are seeking care outside the limits of their current plan.

Our office accepts cash, check, credit cards, and 0% interest financing through CareCredit. Whenever possible, we will bill and collect payments directly from your insurance company to minimize your out-of-pocket expense. Although we are an out of network office, we are an insurance friendly office and accept most major PPO insurance plans.

We do not participate with DMO insurance or Medicaid programs.

Procedure Price
Exam, X-rays, Cleaning $149
White Filling $185
Extraction (Simple) $165
Extraction (Surgical) $400
Porcelain Crown $970
Post and/or Core $195
Root Canal (Anterior) $799
Root Canal (Premolar) $899
Root Canal (Molar) $999
Partial Denture (no metal) $1050
Complete Denture $1400
Implant Placement Surgery $995
Implant Crown $1400
Veneer $990
Bridgework /unit $1200
Zoom Whitening $399
Invisalign $4000-6000
Radiograph $30
Nightguard $400
Recement Crown/Veneer $99

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